University of Melbourne

I am a fourth-year PhD student at School of CIS, Unimelb, with Australia Awards scholarship. I am part of NLP Group, and fortunate to be supervised by Prof. Timothy Baldwin and Dr. Jey Han Lau.
This year, I will join Amazon as Applied Scientist Intern.

  • Fajri Koto
  • PhD Candidate
  • Summarization and Discourse
  • Level 4, Melbourne Connect
  • ffajri@student.unimelb.edu.au
  • fajri91

What's New?

  • 2021-08-02: I'll join Amazon as Applied Scientist Intern

    2021-05-06: Paper accepted to Findings of ACL 2021

    2021-03-28: Selected as one of Nominee for Data Researcher, Data Science Indonesia Award

    2021-03-10: Paper accepted to NAACL 2021

    2021-01-12: Paper accepted to EACL 2021

    2021-01-08: I'll be the speaker in INACL Webinar BEDAH PAPER #15

    2020-12-16: I'll be the speaker in IR-NLP Talk, Fasilkom, Universitas Indonesia

    2020-09-30: Paper accepted to COLING 2020

    2020-09-11: Paper accepted to AACL-IJCNLP 2020

    2020-09-05: Paper accepted to PACLIC 2020

    2019-12-03: I'll be the speaker in NLP Sydney Meetup

    2019-11-20: Paper accepted to ALTA 2019

    2019-07-31: I pass my confirmation, officially a PhD Candidate.

    2018-07-22: I officially started my PhD

Academic History

  • PhD of Computer Science2018 - now

    University of Melbourne

    Fully funded program by Australia Awards Scholarship
    PhD Topic: "Discourse Analysis and Text Summarization"
    Advisor : Prof. Tim Baldwin and Jey Han Lau, Ph.D.

  • Master of Computer Science2013 - 2014

    University of Indonesia

    Graduated with Cum Laude (first class honor)
    Final thesis: "A Comparative Study over Twitter Sentiment Analysis: Which Features are Good?"
    Advisor : Mirna Adriani, Ph.D.

  • Bachelor of Computer Science2009 - 2013

    University of Indonesia

    Graduated with Cum Laude (first class honor)
    Final thesis: "USB Protocol in Implementation of Keyboard Driver with Touch Sensor Using AVR ATxmega 256 A3BU"
    Advisor : Bob Hardian, Ph.D.

Academic Services

  • 2021: Primary reviewer for ACL, EMNLP

    2019: Secondary reviewer for NAACL

    2017: Primary reviewer for Knowledge-Based System Elsevier Journal

Working Experience

  • Applied Scientist Intern2021 - 2022

    Amazon, AUSTRALIA

  • Tutor2020 - 2021

    School of CIS, University of Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

    a. Natural Language Processing COMP90042 (Semester 1, 2020) - Dr. Jey Han Lau
    b. Natural Language Processing COMP90042 (Semester 1, 2021) - Dr. Jey Han Lau

  • Data Scientist2016 - 2017


    Mainly working on a spam detection system that is integrated in BBM, Vidio, and Liputan6. Another responsibilities include data migration, tracking system, and logs extraction in AWS and GCP.
    Manager: Hafiz Badrie Lubis

  • Research Engineer2014 - 2016

    Samsung Research Institute INDONESIA

    Delivering 3 global (US) and 1 local (ID) patents.
    Manager: Agus Kurniawan

  • Research InternSummer 2013

    Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), JAPAN

    Working on Speech Technology in AHC Labs , with research topics: 1) Speech Summarization and 2) Quote Detection on Speech
    Advisor : Dr.-Ing. Sakriani Sakti and Prof. Satoshi Nakamura

  • Teaching Assistant2010 - 2013

    Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia

    a. Calculus 1 (Fall 2010) - Kasiyah, M.Sc
    b. Private Tutor (Spring 2011) - NA
    c. Database (Fall 2011) - Ika Alfina, M.Sc.
    d. Discrete Math 1 (Spring 2012) - Prof. Belawati H. Widjaja, Ph.D
    e. Private Tutor (Spring 2012) - NA
    f. Statistic and Probability (Fall 2012)- Ika Alfina, S.Kom., M.Kom.
    g. Theory of Language and Automata (Spring 2013) - Dina Cahyati, M.Sc.
    h. Statistic and Probability (Fall 2013) - Ika Alfina, S.Kom., M.Kom.

  • Android DeveloperSummer 2012

    PT Astra International, INDONESIA
International Publications

Link: Research Gate and Google Scholar.