The University of Melbourne

I am a second year PhD student at School of CIS, Unimelb, with Australia Awards scholarship.
I am part of Natural Language Processing Group, under the supervision of
Timothy Baldwin and Jey Han Lau.

  • Fajri Koto
  • PhD Candidate
  • Summarization and Discourse
  • Room 3.18, Doug McDonell
  • ffajri@student.unimelb.edu.au
  • fajri91

What's New?

  • 2020-09-30: Paper accepted to the 28th COLING (ACL Anthology), Barcelona, Spain

    2020-09-11: Paper accepted to AACL-IJCNLP 2020 (ACL Anthology), Suzhou, China

    2020-09-05: Paper accepted to the 34th PACLIC (ACL Anthology), Hanoi, Vietnam

    2019-12-03: I'll be the Speaker in NLP Sydney Meetup

    2019-11-20: Paper accepted to the 17th ALTA (ACL Anthology), Sdyney, Australia

    2019-07-31: I pass my confirmation, officially a PhD Candidate.

    2018-07-22: I officially started my PhD

    2017-12-05: Paper accepted to the 21st IALP (IEEE), Singapore

    2017-11-12: I'll be the Speaker in Statistika RIA Institut Pertanian Bogor, Indonesia

    2017-10-23: I am officially the awardee of Australia Awards for PhD, Pre Departure Training is begun!

    2017-07-30: I'll be the Speaker in Compfest 9, held by Faculty of Computer Science, UI.

    2017-07-07: My second patent is officially published.

    2016-12-09: I'll be a Speaker in Wrangle (Data Science Conference), Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

    2016-12-03: I'll be a Keynote Speaker and Trainer in Data Science Weekend Conferece, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

My complete CV can be accessed here (often not updated).

Academic History

  • PhD of Computer Science2018 - now

    The University of Melbourne

    Fully funded program by Australia Awards Scholarship
    PhD Topic: "Neural Language Model for Abstractive Text Summarization"
    Advisor : Prof. Tim Baldwin and Jey Han Lau, Ph.D.

  • Master of Computer Science2013 - 2014

    University of Indonesia

    Graduated with Cum Laude (first class honor)
    Final thesis: "Analysis of Significant Features and Sentence Patterns in Twitter Sentiment Analysis"
    Advisor : Mirna Adriani, Ph.D.

  • Bachelor of Computer Science2009 - 2013

    University of Indonesia

    Graduated with Cum Laude (first class honor)
    Final thesis: "USB Protocol in Implementation of Keyboard Driver with Touch Sensor Using AVR ATxmega 256 A3BU"
    Advisor : Bob Hardian, Ph.D.

Working Experience

  • Data Scientist2016 - 2017


    I was the PIC of Spam Detection System in KMK-Labs. This spam detection is integrated in BBM, Vidio, and Liputan6. I also involved in Data Engineering projects such as data migration, tracking, and logs extraction in AWS and GCP.
    Manager: Hafiz Badrie Lubis

  • Research Engineer2014 - 2016

    Samsung Research Institute IDONESIA

    Had responsibility as Patent planner and Data Scientist.
    Manager: Agus Kurniawan

  • Assistant ResearchSummer 2013

    Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), JAPAN

    Worked on Speech Technology in AHC Labs , covering topics: 1) Speech Summarization and 2) Quote Detection on Speech
    Advisor : Dr.-Ing. Sakriani Sakti and Prof. Satoshi Nakamura

  • Teaching Assistant2010 - 2013

    Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia

    a. Calculus 1 (Fall 2010) - Kasiyah, M.Sc
    b. Private Mentor (Spring 2011) - NA
    c. Database (Fall 2011) - Ika Alfina, M.Sc.
    d. Discrete Math 1 (Spring 2012) - Prof. Belawati H. Widjaja, Ph.D
    e. Private Mentor (Spring 2012) - NA
    f. Statistic and Probability (Fall 2012)- Ika Alfina, S.Kom., M.Kom.
    g. Theory of Language and Automata (Spring 2013) - Dina Cahyati, M.Sc.
    h. Statistic and Probability (Fall 2013) - Ika Alfina, S.Kom., M.Kom.

  • Android DeveloperSummer 2012

    PT Astra International, INDONESIA
International Publications

Link: Research Gate and Google Scholar.

  • 2020

    Fajri Koto, Afshin Rahimi, Jey Han Lau and Timothy Baldwin, "IndoLEM and IndoBERT: A Benchmark Dataset and Pre-trained Language Model for Indonesian NLP". To Appear at the 28th COLING, Spain (virtual), 2020. [paper]

    Fajri Koto, Jey Han Lau, and Timothy Baldwin, "Liputan6: A Large-scale Indonesian Dataset for Text Summarization". To Appear at AACL-IJCNLP, China (virtual), 2020.

    Fajri Koto, and Ikhwan Koto, "Towards Computational Linguistics in Minangkabau Language: Studies on Sentiment Analysis and Machine Translation". Proceedings of the 34th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation (PACLIC), Hanoi, Vietnam (virtual), 2020. [code]

  • 2019

    Fajri Koto, Jey Han Lau, and Timothy Baldwin, "Improved Document Modelling with a Neural Discourse Parser". Proceedings of the 17th Australasian Language Technology Workshop (ALTA), Sydney, 2019. [paper]


  • 2017

    Fajri Koto, and Gemala Y. Rahmaningtyas, "InSet Lexicon: Evaluation of a Word List for Indonesian Sentiment Analysis in Microblogs". IEEE in the 21st International Conference on Asian Language Processing (IALP), Singapore, 2017. [Download Lexicon]

  • 2016

    Fajri Koto, "A Publicly Available Indonesian Corpora for Automatic Abstractive and Extractive Chat Summarization". in the Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC), Portorož, Slovenia, 2016.

    Fajri Koto, Sakriani Sakti, Graham Neubig, Tomoki Toda, Mirna Adriani, Satoshi Nakamura. "Automatic Detection of Memorable Spoken Quotes". in the 2016 Spring Meeting of the Acoustical Society of Japan, Yokohama, Japan, 2016.

    Fajri Koto, and Omar Abdillah, "Automatic Advisor for Detecting Summarizable Chat Conversations in Online Instant Messages". Springer in the 12th International Conference on Computing and Information Technology (IC2IT), Thailand, July 2016

  • 2015

    Fajri Koto, and Mirna Adriani. "HBE: Hashtag-Based Emotion Lexicons for Twitter Sentiment Analysis". ACM in The 6th Forum for Information Retrieval (FIRE 2015), Gandhinagar, India, December 2015

    Fajri Koto, and Mirna Adriani. "A Comparative Study on Twitter Sentiment Analysis: Which Features are Good?". Springer in The 20th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language To Information Systems (NLDB 2015), Passau, Germany, June 2015

    Fajri Koto, and Mirna Adriani. "The Use of POS Sequence for Analyzing Sentence Pattern in Twitter Sentiment Analysis". IEEE in The 8th International Symposium on Mining and Web (MAW15), Gwangju, Korea (join with the 29th AINA Conference), March 2015

    Fajri Koto, Sakriani Sakti, Graham Neubig, Tomoki Toda, Mirna Adriani, Satoshi Nakamura. "A Study On Natural Expressive Speech: Automatic Memorable Spoken Quote Detection". Springer in The 6th International Workshop on Spoken Dialog Systems (IWSDS), Busan, Korea, January 2015

  • 2014

    Fajri Koto, Sakriani Sakti, Graham Neubig, Tomoki Toda, Mirna Adriani, Satoshi Nakamura. "The Use of Semantic and Acoustic Features for Open-Domain TED Talk Summarization". IEEE in The 6th Asia Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association (APSIPA). Siem Reap, Cambodia, December 2014

    Fajri Koto. "SMOTE-Out, SMOTE-Cosine, and Selected-SMOTE: An Enhancement Strategy to Handle Imbalance in Data Level". IEEE in The 6th International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Information Systems (ICACSIS), Jakarta, Indonesia, October 2014.

    Fajri Koto, Sakriani Sakti, Graham Neubig, Tomoki Toda, Mirna Adriani, Satoshi Nakamura. "Memorable Spoken Quote Corpora of TED Public Speaking". IEEE in The 17th Oriental COCOSDA Conference. Phuket, Thailand, September 2014.

  • 2020

    Patent United States US 2020/0082699 A1 - Gilang Kusuma Jati, Agus Kurniawan, Fajri "Personal safety device and operating method therefor" Issued March 12, 2020 [Download]

  • 2018

    Patent WO/2018/124584 A1 - Gilang Kusuma Jati, Agus Kurniawan, Fajri "Personal safety device and operating method therefor" Issued May 7, 2018 [Download]

  • 2017

    Patent United States US 2017/0177797 A1 - Agus Kurniawan, Fajri, Omar Abdillah "Apparatus and method for sharing personal electronic - data of health" Issued June 22, 2017 [Download]

  • 2015

    Patent United States US 2016/0147387 A1 - Yanuar Rahman, Omar Abdillah, Fajri "Method And Apparatus For Displaying Summarized Data" Issued November 20, 2015 [Download]

  • 2016

    Agus Kurniawan, Fajri Koto, Gilang Kusuma Jati, "Panduan Dasar Pemrograman Tizen". Published by Samsung Research Indonesia. Jakarta, 2016. [Download]