I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at MBZUAI. Previously, I did my PhD at Unimelb, fortunately supervised by Prof. Timothy Baldwin and Dr. Jey Han Lau, and sponsored by Australia Awards scholarship. I was also an applied scientist intern at Amazon.

  • Fajri Koto
  • Research Fellow
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • fajri.koto91@gmail.com
  • fajri91

What's New?

  • 2024-04-16: 3 papers accepted to ACL 2024

    2024-03-01: Invited talks to SMU, MBZUAI, NTU, KAUST, CMU (Qatar)

    2024-03-13: Paper accepted to NAACL 2024

    2024-01-08: Paper accepted to EACL 2024

    2023-10-08: Paper accepted to EMNLP 2023

    2023-09-05: Paper accepted to AACL 2023

    2023-08-30: We release JAIS and JAIS-chat, the largest Arabic LLM

    2023-05-10: Paper accepted to ACL 2023

    2023-05-06: We won the Outstanding Paper Award for EACL 2023

    2023-01-22: Paper accepted to EACL 2023

    2022-12-06: I will attend EMNLP in person

    2022-10-22: I join MBZUAI as a new Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    2022-09-15: Invited Talk to University of Toronto, University of Queensland, and Binus University

    2022-09-15: 1st Place of ALTA 2022 shared task

    2022-09-07: Paper accepted to CODI at COLING 2022

    2022-08-16: Paper accepted to COLING 2022

    2022-06-28: I'll be one of the keynote panels at ACL 2022, Dublin, Ireland

    2022-05-14: We won the Best Paper Award for CSRR 2022 and I got married at the same day

    2022-04-04: Paper accepted to ECNLP at ACL 2022

    2022-03-28: Paper accepted to CSRR at ACL 2022

    2022-01-23: Paper accepted to ACL 2022

    2021-12-14: Paper accepted to JAIR 2022

    2021-10-15: 2nd Place of ALTA 2021 shared task

    2021-09-26: Paper accepted to EMNLP 2021

    2021-08-21: I'll be the speaker in DaTalk, Jakarta Artificial Intelligence Research

    2021-08-02: I'll join Amazon as Applied Scientist Intern

    2021-05-06: Paper accepted to Findings of ACL 2021

    2021-03-28: Selected as one of Nominee for Data Researcher, Data Science Indonesia Award

    2021-03-10: Paper accepted to NAACL 2021

    2021-01-12: Paper accepted to EACL 2021

    2021-01-08: I'll be the speaker in INACL Webinar BEDAH PAPER #15

    2020-12-16: I'll be the speaker in IR-NLP Talk, Fasilkom, Universitas Indonesia

    2020-09-30: Paper accepted to COLING 2020

    2020-09-11: Paper accepted to AACL-IJCNLP 2020

    2020-09-05: Paper accepted to PACLIC 2020

    2019-12-03: I'll be the speaker in NLP Sydney Meetup

    2019-11-20: Paper accepted to ALTA 2019

    2019-07-31: I pass my confirmation, officially a PhD Candidate.

    2018-07-22: I officially started my PhD

Academic History

  • PhD of Engineering (Natural Language Processing)2018 - 2022

    The University of Melbourne

    Fully funded program by Australia Awards Scholarship
    PhD Thesis: "From Discourse and Keyphrases, to Language Modeling in Automatic Summarization"
    Advisor : Prof. Timothy Baldwin and Jey Han Lau, Ph.D.

  • Master of Computer Science2013 - 2014

    Universitas Indonesia

    Graduated with Cum Laude (first class honor)
    Final thesis: "A Comparative Study over Twitter Sentiment Analysis: Which Features are Good?"
    Advisor : Mirna Adriani, Ph.D.

  • Bachelor of Computer Science2009 - 2013

    Universitas Indonesia

    Graduated with Cum Laude (first class honor)
    Final thesis: "Touch Sensor based Keyboard Driver using AVR ATxmega 256 A3BU"
    Advisor : Bob Hardian, Ph.D.

Working Experience

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow2022 - present


    Engaged in Natural Language Processing research with Prof. Timothy Baldwin and Prof. Iryna Gurevych (TU Darmstadt, Germany).
    I am part of the core evaluation team for large language model initiatives, in collaboration with Prof. Preslav Nakov, Prof. Eric Xing, Dr. Haonan Li, Dr. Zhengzhong Liu (Peetum Inc), and Dr. Willie Neiswanger (Stanford)

  • Applied Scientist Intern2021 - 2022

    Amazon, AUSTRALIA

    Working on NLP and Computer Vision. Projects: 1) multimodal language generation system; 2) information extraction system.
    Advisors: Prof. Chunhua Shen and Prof. Anton van den Hengel.

  • Tutor2020 - 2021

    School of CIS, University of Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

    a. Natural Language Processing COMP90042 (Semester 1, 2020) - Dr. Jey Han Lau
    b. Natural Language Processing COMP90042 (Semester 1, 2021) - Dr. Jey Han Lau

  • Data Scientist2016 - 2017


    Mainly working on a spam detection system that is integrated in BBM, Vidio, and Liputan6. Another responsibilities include data migration, tracking system, and logs extraction in AWS and GCP.
    Manager: Hafiz Badrie Lubis

  • Research Engineer2014 - 2016

    Samsung Research Institute INDONESIA

    Delivering 3 global (US) and 1 local (ID) patents.
    Manager: Agus Kurniawan

  • Research InternSummer 2013

    Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), JAPAN

    Working on Speech Technology at AHC Labs , with research topics: 1) Speech Summarization and 2) Quote Detection on Speech
    Advisors : Dr. Sakriani Sakti, Dr. Graham Neubig, Prof. Tomoki Toda, and Prof. Satoshi Nakamura

  • Teaching Assistant2010 - 2013

    Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia

    a. Calculus 1 (Fall 2010) - Dr. Kasiyah
    b. Private Tutor (Spring 2011) - NA
    c. Database (Fall 2011) - Dr. Ika Alfina
    d. Discrete Math 1 (Spring 2012) - Prof. Belawati H. Widjaja, Ph.D
    e. Private Tutor (Spring 2012) - NA
    f. Statistic and Probability (Fall 2012) - Dr. Ika Alfina
    g. Theory of Language and Automata (Spring 2013) - Dr. Dina Cahyati
    h. Statistic and Probability (Fall 2013) - Dr. Ika Alfina

  • Android DeveloperSummer 2012

    PT Astra International, INDONESIA


  • 2024: Outstanding reviewer, EACL 2024

    2022: Outstanding paper award of EACL 2023

    2022: Rank 1st of ALTA 2022 shared task

    2022: Best paper award of CSRR 2022 at ACL

    2021: Rank 2nd of ALTA 2021 shared task

    2021: Data Science Indonesia Award: Nominee for Data Researcher

    2021: FEIT Unimelb conference travel scholarship for attending EACL, NAACL, ACL, EMNLP as presenter

    2020: MSE Unimelb conference travel scholarship for attending AACL, COLING as presenter

    2017: Australia Awards Scholarship (out of 5300+ applicants), estimated total of awards for PhD: A$358,000

    2014: Best session presenter at ICACSIS (International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Information System 2014)

    2014: Cum Laude Award (Top 5), Graduation of Master Degree in Faculty of CS, Universitas Indonesia

    2013: Cum Laude Award (Top 5), Graduation of Bachelor Degree in Facutly of CS, Universitas Indonesia

    2013: Awardee of Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), Summer research internship at NAIST, Japan

    2012: Awardee of Fast track DIKTI (Minister of Higher Education) scholarship, Bachelor + Master degree at Universitas of Indonesia

    2009: PPKB award for high-achiever high school students to get admitted to Universitas Indonesia without national exam

    2008: Rank 7th (out of 1000+), High School Math competition, West Sumatra province, Indonesia

    2007: Semi-finalist, Junior High School Physic competition, West Sumatra province, Indonesia

    2006: Top 200 (0.5%) National (out of 40,000+), Junior High School Math competition, PASIAD, Indonesia

Research Grants

  • 2024: MBZUAI research grant of AED 10,500, serving as the primary investigator

    2023: SEAMEO-Australia Links Education Award, a research grant of AUD 10K (1 year), "AI-powered assessment for rural areas", serving as the Co-Investigator (Co-I) with N. Aisyah

    2023: Secured a research grant with a total value of USD 900K (3 years), "Brain Science and Neural Network", serving as the Co-Investigator (Co-I) with Dr. A. Shelmanov, Prof T. Baldwin, Prof M. Tsodyks

Invited Talks

Academic Services

Student Supervision

  • Andrew Shen, BSc Student, 2021: Discourse Analysis - co-supervised with Prof. Timothy Baldwin and Dr. Jey Han Lau. Currently a Master student at CMU.

International Publications

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